Why Silk?

Our 100% Mulberry Silk pillowcases not only look good, but are good for you.
You may have seen the word silk and lot of different types of silk products advertised lately, and that is because more and more people are loving the benefits that sleeping on a silk pillowcase gives you.
So, what are the benefits?


Do you wake up in the morning with hair like an 80's rock star who has been out partying for 5 nights in a row? Well don't worry, you won't for much longer.
Silks smooth surface means you'll be less likely to wake up with frizziness, tangles, or a seriously bad case of bed hair. Believe it or not, silk also helps keep dry scalp and hair at bay. As most other fabrics like cotton and linen are porous by nature, they have the ability to absorb the natural oils from your hair leaving it feeling brittle. Silk will keep the hydration in your hair and help maintain it's healthiness.


You've just read about how your regular pillowcase could be sucking the much needed hydration out of your hair. Well, sorry to break it to you, but your skin is also being drained of its precious oils and moisture. 
Silk will help retain all of those precious minerals in your skin, and will be super beneficial to anyone who suffers from dry skin and acne.
Silk's smooth surface also reduces what we call 'crush wrinkles', and while it may not keep you away from your botox appointments completely (sorry ladies), studies have shown that sleeping on smoother surfaces does help prevent the long term effects of friction caused by the wrong fabrics. 

Other Benefits

While it hasn't been proven that silk pillowcases are hypo-allergenic, it certainly has been determined that silk is less likely to accumulate dust, bacteria and funghi on its surface. More porous fabrics like the ones mentioned above easily absorb mould, dirt, and other allergens that are seriously not good for your health. (And not to mention, pretty gross).
So, have we convinced you yet? 
Pfft, obviously.
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