Heart Breaker Hair Extension Care Guide



Do not wash your Heartbreaker Hairextensions with any products that contain protein or sulphates as this will drythe hair out. 

When conditioning, concentrate on the hair extensions and thoroughly coat them in product. Leave on for 5 minutes longer than you would your natural hair.

Permanent extensions require maintenance every 6 - 8 weeks to keep them healthy and your natural hair damage free. 

When drying, either let air dry completely or blow dry with a paddle or round brush on medium heat. Do not just 'blast' the extensions with the dryer.

When sleeping, either plait the hair or wear in loose pony/pigtails. Do not go to sleep with wet hair, no matter how tired you are!

Applying regular moisture treatments and argan oil is a must for keeping hair extensions healthy and luxurious. Apply a few drops of oil daily.

Do not bleach hair extensions. You can colour hair extensions with a semi-permanent colour but it is not recommended. 

When brushing, hold the extensions at the root and brush starting from the bottom.

When swimming in salt water and chlorine, only wear hair in a plait and rinse hair extensions as soon as possible. 

Avoid washing hair for 48 hours after tape extensions application. This will ensure the bonds are sealed together.

Do not over style your hair extensions with heat tools as this will cause irreversible damage. Always use a heat protectant.

Hang up your Heartbreaker Temporary Hairextensions when not in use to avoid tangling.